Saturday, September 26, 2009

Getting Around

We passed our driver's test!!! The written part Friday and the driving part today. Allan got his license and I didn't. I'm being strangled by red tape! With our licenses and the trains conquered, we have our wings. No car yet - but the 'lemon lot' has some good possibilities. Allan likes the Nissan Cube, and I'm guessing you can imagine what it looks like. We discovered while house hunting that the residential roads are like bike trails, so I'm thinking 'little teeny car'. And listen to this (okay, read this). If you rent a car, the tolls are all free. You can drive to the Tokyo airport (tolls approx. $60) in a rental for around $40. So all who visit the Schreibers will be picked up in a rental car.

Speaking of house hunting, we saw two houses on Saturday and I've gotta tell ya, it was depressing. But... today we saw five more, and things are looking up. The one we liked the most is on a steep, curvy road that would give a mountain goat problems.

We had to take a class at the Housing Center before they would give us assistance... like interpreting the Japanese rental agreement and paying ALL our housing and utilities bills. I aint no fool. Oops! I'm trying to be an English teacher - I can't say aint.

A very civilized protest against the American presence in Yokosuka

While we were in town Saturday, there was a demonstration across from the base. About a thousand protesters marched behind a van with loud speakers protesting the US presence. They had a permit and the police directed traffic like Macy's Parade. And there we were, sticking out like Buddha's belly. But I got a picture!

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