Sunday, September 13, 2009

City of Brotherly Love

Allan unloading luggage at the WPB airport. Allan at the Reading Terminal Market.

As the last items were being removed from our home, Allan opened 2 fortune cookies he found in the kitchen. They read "Your luck will completely change today" and "Your life is a dashing and bold adventure". Our lives will completely change, that's for sure, and the adventure part is pretty much guaranteed also.

We stayed at my cousin Paula's house Wednesday night and flew to Philadelphia the next morning. We had lunch downtown at the Reading Terminal Market, which is famous for it's good eats, (think Philly Cheesesteak). The market has pastry and lunch counters, fresh fish and produce. Lunch was one pulled pork sandwich for the two of us, and 2 sodas for $12 w/tip. Parking was $11.50.

We are staying with Bill and Elaine Schreiber for 3 nights. This weekend is our farewell to the Schreibers and the Ramers (Allan's maternal relatives). On Friday, Allan's Uncle Henry, his sons and their families came to a party hosted by Paul and Lainie. Richard and Laura made a 10 hour round trip from Maryland to say goodbye. We got a camera as a going away gift. Allan has wonderful relatives and we will miss every one.

Allan, Me, Rich and Laura. Henry with Roy Ofir, a cousin from Israel.

Saturday night, Uncle Mel, Aunt Gloria, the Ramer cousins and our nephew Marc came to see us off. Elaine and Marybeth made one of their usually feasts (complete with decadent desserts). No one left hungry. I'm not handling all of this good-byeing very well. It feels like a death of sorts.

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