Monday, September 7, 2009

Countdown to Yokosuka

Today is Labor Day. On Thursday last, our travels began. We spent four days transitioning Joey and Sam to their new home. What the hell was I thinking, agreeing to go someplace that they couldn't come? Allan gave me every opportunity to veto this move, but I didn't. Now I'm losing my pets.

In going to Japan, we leave our home to renters and Allan gives up the company he built over the past eight years, but losing these two creatures leaves the deepest mark on us. I want to be in my bed with Joey at my head and Sam at my feet. That is my favorite time.
The contestants. Allan hitting the water.
The weekend wasn't entirely about feline loss. We went to Dart and Jeanne Morales' annual end-of-summer pool party, which served as a going away party for us. It was highly attended by FIT graduates (including Allan). Pam & Dave Hamel flew in from Virginia to say good-bye. Allan & Dave competed in the cannonball contest.
The following day, we spent a few hours with Jean Adams and Andy Perez, before going to Lakeland for dinner with friends. The last stop was Merritt Island where I found out that my mother has been very sick for several weeks. I hadn't realized her symptoms were quite so severe. Fortunately, she has my brother John, who is a great caretaker, but I still feel this is a bad time to be going so far away.

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