Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yokosuka Naval Base

After two weeks, we are moving to the beat of the base & the town. Here is our grocery store. Not as elaborate as Publix, but if we can't get what we need here, the Japanese stores are very good.

You won't need pennies on base. Totals are rounded to the nearest nickel.

The Navy Exchange is our version of Wal-Mart.


We have two theaters, two gyms, a bowling center, a teen center, Chili's, Sbarro, McDonald's, Cinnabon, Popeye's, and the Chapel of Hope, which serves the Catholic, Protestant and Jewish communities. I'm not aware of any Muslims on the base.

Here's a semi-familiar site - a soda machine. So... Allan and I do a lot of walking around, and I bought us each a drink from one of these machines. He got a water, not just water, but sweetened. It didn't have much of a flavor, just tasted sweet, and not very good. I had tea, simple tea. Or not! It tasted like sea water. Turns out it was rice tea. I'm sticking with Coke now.

This MUST be a Japanese ship. Outside of the one Cary Grant and Tony Curtis were on (in Operation Petticoat), I don't know of any US ships in bright colors.
Yokosuka (Yo-KOS-ka) is the largest US base in the Pacific. It housed the Japanese Navy until the end of WWII, and is now shared by the US and Japan.

I don't know the politics of it, but officially, we are here to protect Japan. Not counting the tugboats, about a dozen ships are docked on our side of the bay. The orange ship is not on this side.

These two photos are from the dock area, which includes a ship repair facility.

At right is a rather small vessel in the dry dock.

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