Friday, October 8, 2010

Scat about town

We leave for Australia tomorrow! We'll be eating vega-mite by noon Sunday. Oh, why not? We don't have a problem eating raw tuna on rice with a little wasabi kicker, how bad could vega-mite be? I'll find out and tell you next week.

These three lovely ladies are all students of mine. Yuka, Mani and Tomoko were standing at the ID check in the Navy Exchange today when I went in for a card. Unfortunately, they don't make it to class much now that they are all working, but they still have a smile for the teacher.

We just got good news from Florida! Our renters signed another 1 yr. lease. That's a relief.

Last Saturday, Allan hosted a poker night, which actually began at 3pm. I'm glad he had the insight to start early, because they played for 7 1/2 hours. I was the designated driver, which meant several trips to the train station. Anyone who drinks anything doesn't drive.

Sunday afternoon was Oktoberfest. It was the same as last year, except the band didn't have as much Oompah. They actually tried to sing popular American songs, but probably shouldn't have.

That brick warehouse-looking building in the 2nd photo, well it actually was a warehouse. Now it houses one good reason to go to Oktoberfest, a chic mall. I didn't buy alot, but did get a cute keyring cat that 'meows' when I push the button on his head. He's solid black like Joey.

And this afternoon, the hospital had a 'hail and farewell' for about 15 people. Hail for those coming, and farewell for those going.

Lots of people move through this place during the summer months. This Corpsman is taking the oath of allegiance as she re-enlists. First she is given an honorable discharge, then she commits for another tour of duty.
I thought they just signed a paper.

See you when I'm back from Down Under.

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