Saturday, January 16, 2010

Skiing, working, dealing with technology

Saturday - We're taking it easy today... well, until tonight when we catch a bus to Zao Onsen for two days of skiing. The bus leaves at 1:00 am, but we check in at 12:30. The ride should take 7-8 hours, which leaves me less than fresh for a day on the slopes. This is a two-day trip and it's at an onsen, which is a natural hot springs. There are separate sides for men and women, and then there's that whole naked thing.
Allan has a strained calf muscle from playing paintball, a broken toe from surfing, and my right elbow aches with overuse and cold weather (think snow covered mountain). I hope we get through 2 days of skiing without any major injuries.

Sunday - We checked in at midnight and departed the base at 1:00am. After a couple stops and 7 hours, we got to the resort. Happily, we received coupons for lunch, dinner and breakfast, which we weren't expecting. We shared a lunch early in the day (no breakfast) and skied for a few more hours. The runs weren't challenging. I don't think Allan was thrilled with them, but good for me. What wasn't good is the lift chairs. They were set up for children. I was hit in the calf every ride. And several times the chair hit so close to my boot top that I got pinched. Yep, I've got a bruise like a softball. Aaarrrrggghhhh!

We had some trouble getting back to the resort, can you guess why? Well, there were three trails and of course the first two didn't get us there. When we did get back, Allan tried out the onsen, but I had a hot soak in the room. Japanese bathtubs are deep and narrow, so you can easily soak up to your neck.

Then it was dinner time (drum roll please). When we saw our table, which was set up with sukiyaki and about 8 other plates and bowls, our mouths were watering. Then the waitstaff started bringing more food and asked if we wanted rice. Of course we said yes. We like our rice nice and sticky. So anyway, look at this table... saffron shrimp, roasted scallop, yellowtail sashimi, pickled vegetables, miso soup, cold noodles in a sweet sauce, tempura... then they brought more.
I haven't been on a scale in months, but I eat unbelievable amounts of food. It's a feast here, and we like everything we try. This could be bad.
Monday - The temperature is around 5 below today. That's centigrade, which makes it about 23 degrees fahrenheit, and a bit warmer than yesterday. Allan's ski boots bit the dust when he tried to get them on this morning, something about the lining. When I asked how the rented ones were working out, he said they hurt his toe. DUH, his toe is broken! But there was an orthopedic surgeon on the trip, so Allan had an adjustment and now his toe feels better.
The bus headed home. Allan had a snooze during the trip. He'll be wearing the mask on his flight to Virginia in March. We got to the house LATE and Allan was up at his usual 6:00am for work, but he'll be in bed early tonight.
On the family front, we are getting a visit from Paul Schreiber. He's stopping by on his way to India, or is it China? We love company, and Paul is always interesting.
I bought a new computer. I'm not a high-tech girl, but I can google and blog. But servicing a computer? Uh uh! I need my ole buddy Eric for that. Alas, he's in Montreal. It had problems and I didn't know that Dell doesn't service computers purchased outside the US. Now I'm an Indian giver, because I took my old guy back from Allan, who wasn't really using it anyway. And the Navy Exchange gave me a full refund. Whew!

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