Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goodbye to friends

Friday night we had Thai food and said goodbye to friends that arrived in Yokosuka at the same time as us. Randy and Chris Christ headed to Seattle, so Chris could have some medical treatment that isn't done at the Yokosuka Hospital. They'll return in a few months.

Saturday night we had beach food. Our friends Capt. Rex Guinn and Capt. Treyce Knee are both retiring and settling with their two boys, Jason and Joshua in Virginia. Rex was with the JAG Corps. and Treyce is an Endocrinologist who was, of course with the Medical Corps.

We went to Zushi Beach and had tacos and beer. Two tacos and two beers for almost $40. Eek! But, we got a show. Rex recorded this with his I-phone. Click the full screen button on the lower right. The guy in front has a crystal ball and it looks like he's levitating it. Enjoy.

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