Thursday, April 14, 2011

Takatori Yama

Today is our anniversary - 27 years. We've had some great fun and seen alot. We'll be heading to Bali in a few days. Good thing for us we both like to travel.

We live in Yokosuka, but our section of town is called Shonan Takatori, and the ground is primarily rock. A few days ago, we took a hike up Takatori Yama (Mount Takatori to you). My student and friend Kimiko Ito introduced me to the area which can be reached by climbing a set of steps (sound familiar) just a 5 minute walk from my house.

It's cherry blossom season. The trees are covered with pink blossoms for ten days or so. They don't stay on the trees long, but are enjoyed tremendously while in bloom.

This is a good hiking area, so we passed young mothers with toddlers, couples with backpacks, and even came across a few American guys grilling.

Since there's plenty of rock here, there are rock climbers. The average age of the climbers surprised me. They aren't teenagers and as many women as men were climbers and spotters, or whatever the correct term is for the guy handling the ropes.

It's no accident that the rocks are flat vertically. They've been cut and the blocks used in foundations for houses.

The tower peaking out at the top of this photo is our destination. We will however, take a different route.
Allan loves to take photos wherever we go, and he's pretty good at getting the shot.

We made it to the top. You can see Mt. Fuji from here, IF the skies are clear, which they weren't this day.

The first two photos are of a rock carving of a Buddhist deity. Here it is from the observation tower. It's a kannon, which is neither a he or a she.

These last two carvings or paintings are ones I can't identify, but definitely religious. Actually, we would call these friezes.

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